The AromaTouch Technique was created by Dr. David K. Hill, a leading expert on the use of essential oils for medicinal benefit.  Dr. Hill developed a systemic method of topical application of pure therapeutic grade essential oils based on his experience as a physician and his understanding of essential oil science. 


The technique was created to address four systemic constants: 



Recognizing that there are common factors at the foundation of illness in the body, the Aromatouch Technique was developed to manage these systemic constants and return the body to a state of balance. 


Because essential oils contain many different healing properties, each oil used in the technique has been selected specifically for its individual therapeutic benefit and aroma.  The Aromatouch Technique complements CPTG oils and further enhances their impact.  The technique addresses common negative factors that influence health and helps the body return to a state of homeostasis.


AromaTouch enhances essential oil activity and stimulates known body meridian and energy zones while balancing body systems and function.  It improves overall well-being  and is incredibly relaxing to receive.

AromaTouch Sessions can be held at client's home or at European Day Spa in East Moriches. Contact Carol via email or phone for more information or to schedule an appointment.