Silence and Perspective

It’s Sunday morning…all my kids are sleeping late…even the dogs are sound asleep. The house is completely silent. I embrace the silence. Treasure it. I know it’s fleeting. I settle in for my morning comfort ritual, sipping my tea, snuggled under a warm blanket by the window with the soft morning light spilling over the pages of my journal. I savor every moment of this silence before the sounds of daily family life explode onto the scene. The sounds of dogs barking; doors slamming; teenagers bellowing “MOM WHATS FOR BREAKFAST?”; requests for rides, money and clean underwear shooting at me from every angle; the sounds of LIFE.

A few days later, when the kids and dogs are over at their dad’s house that very same morning silence that I so loved on Sunday morning, that silence that I savored and embraced, suddenly makes me want to jump out of a window! It’s deafening. Isolating. Lonely. Sad.

How can that be? How can I view silence as a gift one day and a punishment another? It’s the same situation, just being viewed from a different perspective. If only I could change my viewpoint of it and get myself back into the frame of mind I had on Sunday morning as I sat and sipped my tea, and out of the funk I had fallen into when my kids weren’t with me.

Well, fortunately, I can! It’s taken me awhile, but I finally realize that shifting my perspective is all that is required to improve my life; and life no longer seems like such an uphill battle. Opportunities are seeking ME out, rather than having to pound the pavement searching for them; the perfect clients are finding ME, grateful and appreciative of my efforts and willingly paying my fees; problems resolve seemingly of their own accord as long as I don’t give energy towards worrying about their resolution; and the right people appear in my life at just the right time. I have begun to step into the flow and my inner world feels more peaceful and content, which is reflected in my outer world.

Life is good and it is getting better every day.

Once awareness is brought to the situation and you can look at it from a different perspective, you change how you feel about that situation.

Embrace each moment, both the good and the “bad” and be grateful for ALL the moments, especially the “bad”. When I say this to clients or friends, I am often met with a blank stare or even an angry response. “Why should I be grateful for this awful drama I am experiencing?” is a typical reaction.

Behind our biggest challenges, lie our greatest opportunities, yet that can be difficult to see or accept when we are in the midst of such challenges. YES, growth is difficult. It can be painful and it can totally suck, but expressing gratitude as you are going through even the most difficult life experiences and having faith that something good will arise from it is crucial. You will eventually see the positive that has come out of your situation and you will grow stronger as a result. Keep an attitude that the best is yet to come and fully believe that to be true.

Change your perspective. Change your life. Yes, it IS that simple.

#mindfulness #spirituality

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