I am declaring 2017 as the year of PEACE

I firmly believe peace and love CAN prevail over fear and violence.

How can one person have an impact? When I think back….way, way back….I recall a person I met by chance, who spoke to me--- really spoke to me--- as if he knew my inner most desires and fears. He was but a blip on the radar, but changed the directory of my life. His words forever ring in my head. We all have that someone like that from our past, whose words have lasting impact that shape the rest of our lives. I keep those words in the forefront of my mind and they serve as the driving force behind everything I do.

Thoughts, words and actions matter, so I make them count. Always. My intent is to choose love and kindness over fear and anger in any given situation. It creates a positive ripple of change, which has further reach than you can imagine.

Small changes are good. They feel safe. But even small changes have big reach.

I’m starting the New Year off by taking responsibility. For my thoughts, beliefs, patterns and actions. If there is something in my life that isn’t working, then it’s up to me to change it. Period. The end. I’m committed to dropping the blame game, owning my part in it, and doing what I need to do to create my desired result.

2017 is about doing the work, both on a personal level and a wider scale. Removing the rubble. Replacing mediocrity with my zone of genius. It’s about developing disciplined focus and attention to details instead of ignoring or burying my pain under excess sugar, alcohol, running away or whatever vice I choose. It’s about creating positive lasting change within a peaceful dynamic that will create a ripple effect of peace and kindness that expands exponentially beyond my wildest imagination.

2017 is the year to unearth the pure beauty and divine light that lies dormant within and bring that light out into the darkness where it is needed most.

The time is now. Peace and love begins within.

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