Forgiveness is Freedom

I had the honor to listen to Immaculee Ilibagiza, Rwandan Holocaust survivor and author of the memoir Left To Tell, speak at a doTerra conference this past September. Her message about forgiveness will be forever etched in my soul. If this young woman can find it in her heart to forgive the savages who performed such atrocities to so many innocent people, I can certainly find it within my own heart to forgive.

To break the cycle of hatred and violence, forgiveness must come first. The violence, anger and depravity swirling around the globe right now, has left me feeling helpless. My son looked at me when I expressed my despair and said, “but what can one person DO Mom? There’s nothing. Just be grateful you live here and not there.” His reply made me sad, because I know he is not alone in his way of thinking, but I refuse to accept that as an answer. Maybe I’m crazy, but I will do something to bring about peace.

Prayer and meditation are powerful agents of change that can shift and move mountains. When I close my eyes to meditate, I visualize peaceful interaction, worry free travel, smiling faces, warm embraces, and a sense of love and unity amongst all beings on this planet, regardless of race, religion, politics, or gender.

Forgiveness towards the misguided souls who are perpetrating this violence, a seemingly impossible task, begins there for me, in prayer and meditation. I am opening my heart to fully embrace love, and that means love towards all beings, even towards those misguided lost souls, hoping they find peace and love in their own hearts, because once they do, they will no longer be capable of committing the acts of violence they so heartlessly carry through on a daily basis. If I can’t forgive, but instead spew anger and hatred at them, through my thoughts, words and actions, the cycle of violence just continues. That cycle must stop and I vow to do my part to stop it.

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Visit Immaculee's website to learn more about this incredibly strong woman.


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