doTERRA's 30 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Often, after I introduce someone to doTERRA essential oils and supplements, they are curious about the best way to integrate these products into their lifestyle. I offer them guidance and support based on their individual health concerns and goals, but it can be challenging to develop a new routine.

I am so happy that doTERRA decided to hold a 30 Day Healthy Habits Challenge! What better way to have someone learn what the day to day life looks and feels like of someone who has fully integrated these healing products into their routine, than by following along with this challenge.

You will be supported every step of the way and educated about why each of these products should be included in a preventive lifestyle. And by sticking with this for 30 days, you really get to see firsthand what a difference these products make in how you FEEL! You will feel more energy, experience better sleep and be in a better mood! I guarantee it :)

The daily recommended protocol is that of Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA and all around essential oils guru. After talking at a corporate event once, he made reference to his own daily routine, and thus this challenge was born! Everyone wanted to try what Dr Hill himself does!

I hope you all join me in this 30 Day Challenge. All you have to do is get the products and follow along on the doTERRA Facebook page and/or our team VIP page (Minnows) so you have a chance to win some prizes.

To order the products you need, click here:

Note: If you already have a doTERRA account, you just log onto your account and order whichever products you are missing; if you are not already a member, choose the introductory kit for $35 and then add the Healthy Habits Kit into your shopping cart for $185.

I for one am just as excited to follow along, because I struggle with staying consistent in taking my supplements. I notice the difference when I fall out of my routine...having everyone else's support is going to help me to stay on track just as much as it will help you!

I will see you in the challenge! And will also post daily in my Facebook VIP group page, Essential Oils Learning Center, which is open to my wholesale members and team Wellness Advocates.

If you'd like to read the doTERRA blog post about the challenge, here is a link to it:

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