My Gift to YOU

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love doTERRA ... the exceptional essential oils, supplements and natural care products play a BIG role in my daily wellness routine, but my love for doTERRA goes way deeper than that. doTERRA creates sustainable jobs and builds schools, hospitals, playgrounds and community centers all over the world, in areas they are most needed. Self-reliance and sustainability, with healthcare and finances alike, are the foundations of a doTERRA lifestyle.

My own life has improved exponentially ever since I was introduced to doTERRA five years ago, and I want everyone I know to experience the same amazing benefits. If you haven't yet opened a Wholesale Membership with me, I'd like to offer you a special gift for joining.

What better gift can I extend to you then the gift of wellness?

How about a FREE 10 Day Training Program that teaches you how to safely and effectively use essential oils so you can experience the most benefit?

This training comes to you via email, in a series of short videos that you can watch at your convenience from the comfort of your own home.

After you've completed the 10 Day Training, you will receive a membership welcome gift mailed to your home and you can schedule a complimentary wellness consultation with me so we can discuss your individual health concerns and goals and create a custom wellness plan for you to help you to reach those goals.

I can't wait to introduce you to these products that I am so passionate about and to the company I am proud to be affiliated with.

If you are ready to step it up and live a doTERRA lifestyle with me as your mentor and guide, click on this link to get started. (or email me if you need assistance deciding how to begin).

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