My Top 10 Essential Oils for Culinary Use

People are often surprised when they see me using essential oils in my recipes and they want to know why I do. When I work with a client individually, I find out what their top health concerns or challenges are and I work with them on a plan to bring their body back into a state of balance, both physically and emotionally.

I teach my clients how to prepare foods that heal and which essential oils are best suited to pair with the recipes. I also advise them as to the best way to use them topically, aromatically or internally based on their individual situation. We aim at alleviating specific symptoms and helping them to feel and function at their best.

The essential oils not only have a unique and intense flavor, but they are very convenient when traveling! I do alot of my work outside of my own kitchen, either at a client's home or on a retreat and I often don't know what will be available to me in terms of fresh herbs and citrus. Traveling with my favorite culinary oils has saved me many times over!

By marrying the healing power of the plants we are blending, juicing, dehydrating and cooking with the therapeutic value of pure therapeutic grade essential oils, you increase the energetic quality of the food and enhance the healing.

So which of my essential oils collection will you find in my kitchen?

My Top 10 Essential Oils for Culinary Use (and WHY):

1. Wild Orange: I use in my Energy Bites and Chocolate Recipes as well as in my water. It makes the flavor of chocolate pop; encourages me to drink more water; and is a great mood enhancer.

2. Lime: I love using Lime in my Kidney Cleanser Juice as well as Thai marinades and salad dressings for how it balances the flavor of the recipe without making it too "citrusy" like the juice of the lime would

3. Lemon: The flavor of Lemon essential oil is intense! It's perfect for my Lemon Coconut Macaroons as well as added to my water to help detoxify my body and support my liver. It also is better than adding the juice of the lemon to your water because it doesn't hurt the enamel on your teeth the way the juice does (confirmed by my dentist!)

4. Cinnamon: This oil is wonderful in my Cinnamon Love Truffles as well as my flavored sea salt that I use on my Sea Salt Caramels. The flavor is intense and it also helps curb cravings---although since I'm using it on sweets, that kind of negates that benefit!

5. Black Pepper: This oil doesn't often get seen in the spotlight, and it should! I use Black Pepper in salad dressings, marinades, and in my flavored sea salt that I use on my desserts. Its flavor is just perfect for balancing out the recipe.

6. Grapefruit: I add grapefruit essential oil to my water to kill sugar cravings (works incredibly well for me) as well as to my Kidney Cleanser Juice.

7. Cardamon: Another underutilized oil, I love the flavor of Cardamon in my Tummy Tonic and Chia Pudding. It's also nice to diffuse while in the kitchen preparing meals. It is very soothing to the digestive tract.

8. Fennel: This is the oil I use most frequently in my green juices. It is very supportive for the digestive system and has a flavor I enjoy.

9. Spearmint: I tend to find peppermint too strong of a flavor for my recipes, although I love Peppermint essential oil for SO many other uses. Spearmint is more of my go to when I want to add a minty flavor. I use Spearmint in my green juices when I want something other than Fennel and I also like adding it to water occasionally. It's very supportive of the digestive system and useful for alleviating nausea.

10. Ginger: I find the ginger oil a bit too intense to use in my juices and smoothies, but I do like it in Asian Marinades, primarily because I hate peeling and mincing fresh ginger! So it is out of pure laziness that it makes the cut on my top 10 list.

There are others that I use as well in the kitchen... about 22 in total.

If you'd like to learn more, I teach cooking classes to groups as well as individuals and have some weekend retreats in the planning stages and

I do sell my raw, vegan, nutrient dense Flatbreads and Energy Bites.

If you're interested in learning more about any of my services, email me here to set up a complimentary and see if it is a good fit to work together!

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