Why I love WILD ORANGE Essential Oil

Anyone who knows me or has been to one of my Essential Oils Workshops knows how much I love Wild Orange Essential Oil. So much so, that I am writing this brief post about some of the many ways I use this oil in my own life.

My Top Ten Uses for Wild Orange Essential Oil:

1. Diffuse it for mood support.

2. Add it to chocolate recipes; it really makes the flavor pop.

3. Add a couple drops to water, both for it's wonderfully refreshing flavor and it's uplifting and energizing qualities.

4. Use it as a cleanser; it is high in Limonene which makes it useful in cleaning and purifying surfaces (it makes the counter tops smell wonderful!)

5. Add a couple drops directly to stains on clothing, furniture or carpet.

6. Add 2 drops to your tea to boost your immune system.

7. Combine with Frankincense in your diffuser for a soothing, uplifting aroma.

8. Rub 2 drops in your palms and cup your hands over your nose and mouth. Close your eyes and breath in the aroma as you repeat your mantra of the day to energize both your mind and body.

9. Make a homemade body butter with shea butter, coconut oil, and a few drops of Wild Orange (just not right before you go in the sun since all citrus oils are photosensitive).

10. Polish and give new life to wood furniture by combining it with olive oil and vinegar in a spray bottle.

**Ask me how you can get a bottle of WILD ORANGE from me for FREE!***

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