I NEVER recommend a product or service unless it is something I use and love myself.  I did my homework before deciding upon doTERRA.  I researched and tried other brands, travelled to corporate headquarters, met the owners and leaders within the company and have been using their products in my own life for the past seven years. I have had such positive experiences that I can say with confidence this is a company and brand I am proud to be associated with.  In fact, I give so much of my own product away, that I’m constantly out of my favorite oils myself!

The company gives back to the communities where the oils are sourced from, improving the lives of the people who work so hard to bring us these amazing gifts of the earth.  doTERRA's relationships with these growers have resulted in schools and hospitals being built, running water being brought in where it didn't previously exist and increased profits for the workers in the field since they work directly with doTerra rather than through a middle man. doTERRA is a company that is improving the environment and the lives of countless people around the globe.  I'm happy to spend my hard earned money buying my own products from them. 



With the purchase of an enrollment kit, you will receive a complimentary Wellness Consultation with me where I will teach you how to use the oils you have purchased. You will also receive a complimentary sample box from me as a show of appreciation for placing your order with me.


To help you to learn at your own pace, topics that interest you most, you gain access to a private Facebook support group that is a valuable resource for getting all of your questions answered. You will also be invited to learn at your own pace via a series of videos and webinars if you want to dive further into educating yourself about living a preventive lifestyle.  Learn how to cook with essential oils; create non-toxic household cleaners; manage and reduce stress; improve your moods; balance your hormones; keep your kids healthy; create balance in your life; and much more.  These are valuable training tools taught by a variety of wellness practitioners and can be viewed and listened to in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you. 



Schedule a brief (15 minute) consultation where we can discuss your health concerns, wellness goals and decide what the best choice is for you.