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Plant based personal chef serving clients throughout Suffolk County, Long Island. Nutrient dense, gluten free, whole foods made with love, always from scratch. 

Health coaching programs offered both virtually and in person.   
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Meet Plant Based Chef & Health Coach Carol


I began my culinary career working as a private chef and specialty caterer in the Hamptons for the celebrity and elite crowd, but after watching my elderly parents, who lived thousands of miles away, struggling to shop and cook healthy meals for themselves on a daily basis, it became apparent to me that I needed to make a shift in the direction of my work.  


I realized how much of a need there is within the community for healthy, home prepared meals, customized to suit various health conditions. Aging adults aren't the only ones who face this struggle. People live busy lives and many don't have the time (or the desire) to put the level of attention into planning and preparation that a whole foods, plant based diet requires.  Factor in challenging health conditions that require following specific dietary protocols and it is easy to see how overwhelming a situation it can become to navigate without help.


Especially nutrition related behavior change.  And who has the time --or (let's be real) the desire -- to cook a plant based diet from scratch ??? (other than me of course!) The key to making dietary and lifestyle change last long term is having the guidance and support of a trained professional. Someone who has knowledge of evidence based nutrition and culinary education ... as well as a genuine passion for helping others transform their health. 


Whether you are looking for someone to do the cooking for you to make weekday meals a breeze, or you wish to work with a coach to help improve your overall health, I can make living a healthy lifestyle a reality. 

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