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I've never fit in.  I have felt like a fish out of water my entire life.  As a kid, I would "dumb it down" so the other kids would allow me to play with them.  (God forbid they discovered my intelligence and they didn't want to be my friend anymore!) As a teen, my shy, introverted self discovered alcohol and drugs made me the life of the party and granted me admission into the elusive "cool crowd", a place I sought shelter for years, secretly fearing discovery I didn't truly belong.  As an adult, I adeptly played the role of chameleon, blending in with the temperament and ideologies of whomever I was in company with. 

Although I felt the calling, I did NOT want to walk the spiritual path.  I viewed it as lonely and isolating and all I wanted to do was have fun and fit in.  I learned through experience to keep my more esoteric beliefs and opinions to myself, to avoid rejection, ridicule and judgement. I didn't need to be more of an outcast than I already felt. 

I craved REAL connection; to feel understood and accepted; to feel loved and supported; to be able to have deep, meaningful conversations about life beyond what we see with our eyes. 

I found the connection I craved when I turned inward and walked away from much of the life I knew.  Yoga, meditation, essential oils, journaling, and working with gifted intuitive guides allowed me to begin connecting more and more deeply with my own divine guidance and soul family, a place I feel welcome, supported and understood. 

This spiritual journey of mine has not exactly been a joy ride.  The path I've chosen has been full of twists and turns with plenty of bumps along the way.  It has indeed been lonely and isolating. 

Light Language; Star Seeds; Generational Healing; Plant Medicine; The Pleidians; Crystal Beings of Light; Activations; Downloads ... these words and concepts were foreign to me before my soul decided to fast track my spiritual growth with a jolt. 

It was my mother's higher self who led me to Sound Healing Training while I was out in Arizona after she experienced a stroke, a bittersweet discovery I made while deep in breath work meditation.  I was trying to navigate my way through some very challenging and painful personal traumas.  Her voice began speaking to me clear as day; the voice I knew as my mom before the demons of dementia took over her brain.  The voice I remember singing like an angel every Sunday in church as a kid.  The voice she said she would channel through me as I went down this path of Sound Healing.  I cried buckets of tears that day.  Ever since then, I have welcomed the healing resonance of sound into my personal healing journey and have opened my heart to the possibility that this path is indeed my true purpose.  I have allowed sound to clear deep energetic blocks, release trapped emotion and heal physical pain ... a healing process that is ongoing. 

It has taken me 52 trips around the sun to understand and embrace my purpose: I am here on this planet, at this time, in this human form, to help raise the level of consciousness of humanity.  I am doing so with my voice, written, spoken and sung, and with the help of these incredible Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and my mother's higher self.  Layer in the high vibrational energy of the essential oils, the practice of yoga, and the healing touch of my hands and you have a magical experience!

For so long, I have kept my spiritual gifts hidden and my powerful voice silent.  I've been too afraid to fully embrace my true essence and my own power, but the more I learn to TRUST and open my heart, the more courage I have to keep walking down this path. 

I welcome you to join me.  Namaste. 

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