I have been on a mission for the past decade to inspire people to create life lasting positive change in their lives.  I have worn many hats in the wellness arena, all of which have served as stepping stones on my own evolutionary path.  I’m ever evolving…ever searching for my zen…ever reinventing myself from within.


My private chef clients have ranged from those healing from late stage cancer; to yoga teacher trainees; international celebrities; and everyday folk hosting dinner parties.  I have taught yoga to inner city kids in Harlem; the ultra rich of the Hamptons; young cancer survivors at an adventure retreat; and local moms at my hometown gym and yoga studio.  I have taught healthy cooking classes to at risk youth with a history of drug and alcohol addiction; have created culinary boot camp classes for cancer survivors; and have given lectures for people with Multiple Sclerosis about the healing properties of essential oils. 


My mission throughout all has remained constant…  to teach people how to heal and restore themselves to an optimal state of balance.  To feel good everyday they are blessed to be on this planet.  


I both live and teach a daily detox lifestyle using a mostly plant based diet combined with daily use of therapeutic grade essential oils and high quality, effective supplementation.